New Joint Research Brief on Youth Entrepreneurship Education Released by EY and NFTE

Earlier this week, during an event NFTE hosted at the United Nations celebrating the World Series of Innovation, Mike Kacsmar, a member of NFTE’s Board of Directors and Partner, Ernst & Young LLP (EY) introduced new joint research on youth entrepreneurship education.

The new research brief, “Supporting the Next Generation: The Entrepreneurial Mindset and the Future of Work,” was developed collaboratively by EY and NFTE. It looks at the impact of the youth entrepreneurship education within the broader context of innovation, technological advances, industry disruption, and the future of work.

The joint research brief also draws on results from NFTE’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Index (EMI), an assessment tool developed with support from EY. The EMI was designed specifically to measure attitudes and behaviors associated with being an entrepreneur. NFTE research draws on student outcomes data and entrepreneurial mindset growth data NFTE has collected through pre- and post- assessment of thousands of students at hundreds of schools across the U.S.

“What’s particularly exciting about the emerging research on youth entrepreneurship is the correlation it establishes between the entrepreneurial mindset and academic and career success,” said Shawn Osborne, NFTE President and CEO.

Kacsmar agreed. “We are proud of our strategic collaboration with NFTE. The EMI is an innovative tool for measuring entrepreneurial mindset that allows for compelling research, and we believe our collaborative exploration of youth entrepreneurship attitudes and outcomes sheds light on how we can prepare youth for the rapidly changing future of work. We need the next generation to think creatively, to start businesses, to be prepared to adapt and flex. Developing the entrepreneurial mindset will help our young people to embrace an uncertain future.”