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Unemployed in the Pandemic? Here’s How to Start Your Own Business

A free online course for adult learners is now available for anyone who has lost a job to COVID-19 or wants to learn how to turn an idea for a business—or a passion or hobby—into a profitable startup.

Entrepreneurship as an Economic Pathway for the Laid-Off Workforce

In the midst of unprecedented unemployment, a nonprofit that has focused on developing youth entrepreneurship programs pivots to create a new curriculum for adult learners who are unemployed, underemployed, or interesting in building a new business.

National Entrepreneurship Nonprofit Steps in to Address the Growing U.S. Unemployment Crisis

You lost your job or you fear you're next but businesses are closed and no one is hiring. That's the new reality for millions. To empower those facing financial insecurity, NFTE is offering a free online course in entrepreneurship essentials for adults seeking to upskill to improve job prospects or

Innovation Challenges Put Young Smarts to Work on Tough Problems

New global challenges aren't just creating activists—they're creating entrepreneurs. Opinion piece by J.D. LaRock and Gus Harris looks at the way that young activists are thinking globally and embracing social entrepreneurship.

NFTE Fully Embraces the Entrepreneurial Mindset

American Entrepreneurship Today profiles NFTE, a nonprofit that offers a unique solution to help students take on a post-COVID world.

NFTE Awards Over $21K to Innovation Challenge Winners

NFTE awarded more than $21K in cash prizes in the Fall 2019 World Series of Innovation challenge cycle for winning ideas to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

100% of Book Sales Benefit NFTE

Get your copy today and consider donating a set to a NFTE classroom!