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NFTE Career Relaunch is Live!

April 28, 2020 | National

Earlier today we launched a new initiative to help the tens of millions of Americans who are facing financial insecurity or unemployment because of the COVID-19 crisis. NFTE Career Relaunch is a free online program designed to teach adults the essentials of entrepreneurship — and help them think creatively about the skills and talents they could leverage to build a new career.

Visit to learn more. And please consider sharing the link with friends, neighbors and colleagues. This free resource may help someone you know navigate a tough job market or help your community recover more quickly by inspiring the kind of entrepreneurship that jumpstarts job creation.

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GSV Startup Bootcamp

GSV and NFTE Launch Eship Program for the Unemployed

On Monday, July 20, Global Silicon Valley (GSV) and NFTE launch GSV Startup Bootcamp - a free, seven-week entrepreneurship immersion program designed to help those whose work has been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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City Journal: Make Your Own Job

Make Your Own Job: The Promise of Entrepreneurship Education

The promise of entrepreneurship education is the promise of self-sufficiency and a special kind of financial security: whatever happens in the local employment market or the broader economy, entrepreneurs can make their own jobs.
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NFTE Career Relaunch Course

Entrepreneurship as an Economic Pathway for the Laid-Off Workforce

In the midst of unprecedented unemployment, a nonprofit that has focused on developing youth entrepreneurship programs pivots to create a new curriculum for adult learners who are unemployed, underemployed, or interesting in building a new business.
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