NFTE Fall 2019 World Series of Innovation

About The Competition

NFTE’s World Series of Innovation is an online, project-based competition that asks small teams of young entrepreneurs (ages 13-24) to create business solutions that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and answer a special challenge posed by an entity from the private sector. Young innovators from across the globe are encouraged to enter the competition every fall and compete for cash prizes. Some teams compete independently, some are affiliated with schools or youth development organizations, and some undertake a challenge as a guided classroom project. Educators who are interested in using the World Series of Innovation in the classroom or encouraging student participation as an extracurricular enrichment opportunity can access a robust toolkit that provides additional resources for students and teachers.

Visit now to read more about the winners of the Spring 2019 challenges recently completed. Come back in September when we’ll be launching a whole new set of challenges for Fall 2019!


September - December

Congratulations to the Winners of the Spring 2019 Challenges

  • Citi Foundation Decent Work Challenge Winner: a team from Santa Teresa High School in San Jose, CA, developed the idea for Teknique, a three-tiered training program that specializes in helping companies reskill their workers and partnering with AI companies to improve their robots with a skilled human workforce to teach them.
  • Coca-Cola/VEB Responsible Consumption Challenge Winner: a team from the Yorba Linda High School in Yorba Linda, CA, developed the idea for Straw Slap, a reusable, flexible stainless steel straw that acts as a slap bracelet and comes with a fabric cover that protects the straw from outside elements. An alternative to plastic straws, it is a fun and accessible way to help reduce the amount of plastic put in the ocean
  • Con-Edison Sustainable Development Challenge Winner: a team from Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School in Pembroke Pines, FL, developed the idea for CO2morrow, an innovative, eco-friendly company that combines the technology of clean energy delivery with the placement of CO2 energy converting stations throughout a city and provides a recycling program to procure the precious metals needed to fuel the conversion process in providing clean energy.
  • NFTE Gender Equality Challenge Winner: a team from Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, CO, developed the idea for PowHer, a South African transportation business that trains and employs women drivers for women passengers, creating work for women and a safe and efficient transportation environment for women.