Professional Development Opportunities

Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps

Professional Learning Communities

Inspiring an Entrepreneurial Generation requires a meeting of the minds among the educators charged with activating the entrepreneurial mindset every day. Through professional learning communities, NFTE creates a teaching culture of continuous improvement and collaborative practice that strengthens both professional skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship.

All NFTE teachers partner to codify and grow best practices, so that NFTE students benefit from the ingenuity of the group. Professional learning communities are run by NFTE Lead Teachers and Master Educators—experienced educators who have been delivering the NFTE program with excellent results for three or more years. We encourage all NFTE teachers to participate in their regional professional learning community to tap into the knowledge and the energy of their peers.

Professional Development Webinars

A suite of webinars offers training on teaching key entrepreneurship topics, including the entrepreneurial mindset. These content-focused webinars combine with the practice-centered Professional Learning Communities to empower teachers to confidently lead high-performing NFTE classrooms.

Monthly webinars and an online video library offers detailed suggestions for teaching specific concepts, broken into digestible video clips.



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