Our award-winning, innovative and experiential program teaches young people critical skills such as reading, writing and math while they learn the steps to write and defend a business plan based on their own original idea. We also teach the entrepreneurial mindset.


NFTE's programs correlate to federal, state and local academic standards, helping school administrators like you meet critical education requirements, including school-to-career objectives. Our curriculum meets national social studies and mathematics learning standards, as well as language arts, math, science, technology and social studies standards in several states as defined by The National Council for the Teaching of Mathematics (NCTM), The National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), and the US Department of Labor Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).

The Association of Educational Publishers recognized the 11th edition of our curriuculum, Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future, as the best math curriculum for high school students. Read more about this curriculum as well as our materials geared toward both young people and adults.

Positive Impact & Proven Results

NFTE improves students' aspirations to attend college, as well as their occupational aspirations. After participating in our program, students are also more likely to engage in leadership activities, and they report that their business skills were improved. Read more about our research findings.

Teacher Support & Development

In addition to strong curriculum materials, NFTE provides on-going program support for all of our teachers. Our full-time program staff works hand-in-hand with teachers to make sure they have the resources they need to deliver a high-quality program - including access to volunteers and field trip opportunities, support doing experiential activities, and professional development opportunities. Find out more about the resources available for NFTE teachers.