Support Services

Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps

Business Plan Competition Management 

Because creating and pitching a business plan is such a cornerstone in students’ entrepreneurial journey, NFTE devotes resources to offering every student the opportunity to participate in a business plan competition. Teachers receive a detailed toolkit guiding the implementation of a classroom competition, as well as support from NFTE staff, who help to manage the competition and secure volunteer coaches and judges from the business community. NFTE-run regional and national-level competitions offer high-performing students the opportunity to win funding and recognition on their entrepreneurial journey. 


Volunteer Management 

Business plan coaches, competition judges, and guest speakers from local communities play an integral role in showing young people a world beyond their circumstances. NFTE staff cultivates relationships with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals and arranges for their participation in the classroom as well as at NFTE program events. 


Other Resources 

NFTE provides a variety of services and resources supporting high-quality program implementation and student outcomes. 

  • Curriculum and Instructional Support 
  • Targeted teacher mentoring and coaching services  
  • Student Performance Reporting & Assessment Data Analysis  
  • Implementation Help Desk 
  • Teacher Launch Day Activities & Classroom Set-up Support 
  • Quarterly e-newsletter