Three NFTE New England Entrepreneurs Bring Their Business Ideas to WBZ This Morning

Three of NFTE New England’s top young entrepreneurs, all national qualifiers this year, were interviewed by WBZ TV’s Kate Merrill on on News This Morning earlier today. Daniel Quackenbush, from Joseph P. Keefe Technical High School, and Keny Morales and Moses Ramirez, from Chelsea High School, visited the popular morning TV show along with Jennifer Green, Director of Programs for NFTE New England, who explained, “We need problem solvers. This next generation of youth, they have to be entrepreneurial thinkers.”

Merrill spoke with all three NFTE students in turn, highlighting each of their innovative business ideas. Quackenbush spoke of tapping his personal experience to come up with a product idea. His business – What The Fish – is an app that promotes sustainable fishing practices by helping novice fishermen identify what they catch and determine what to do with it, without requiring Wi-Fi or a data connection. Morales and Ramirez described their business idea – Mindflow – a company with a goal to help people of all ages deal with their stress and anxiety in a healthy way without the use of technology.

All three teens will be taking what they learned in their NFTE classrooms and pitching their business ideas in at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge in New York City later this week.