USASBE 2019 Showcases Two Presentations by NFTE Research

The NFTE research team was invited again this year to present at the 2019 United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) conference, the foremost conference focused on entrepreneurship education and pedagogy. Sophia Rodriguez, Director of Research & Analytics, shared emerging data on the impact volunteers have on classroom learning. Hannah Lieber, Research Analyst, gave an in-depth presentation on using situational judgment tests to measure outcomes in entrepreneurial education programs.

Hannah took advantage of a new roundtable session format to showcase NFTE’s continued work refining the Entrepreneurial Mindset Index (EMI). The EMI, which was developed with the assistance of experts at Educational Testing Service (ETS) and with the support of industry leader Ernst & Young, LLP (EY), is an innovative instrument that shows significant measurable benefits of youth entrepreneurship education, including the development of the types of skills that employers value most.

Sophia Rodriguez shared an intriguing new finding that has emerged from NFTE’s analysis of student and classroom performance data. On average, NFTE students who engage with volunteers from the local business community show an increase of 9% on subject matter assessments. This observation indicates that interaction with corporate and small business volunteers can have a big impact on student performance when they visit classrooms as guest speakers, host class trips, or work with students as business plan coaches.

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