Entrepreneurial Mindset

Mindset Matters
How we view ourselves and the world around us impacts our ability to dream and achieve. In today’s innovation economy—with needs and opportunities evolving faster and more fluidly than ever before—our youth need a mindset that equips them to recognize opportunity, take initiative, and innovate in the face of challenges. NFTE has developed the framework for this quintessentially entrepreneurial mindset, drawing on our 27 years of experience teaching entrepreneurship to disadvantaged youth.

Youth Equipped for the Innovation Economy
In a historic moment of great opportunity—with more information, tools, and educational resources at our fingertips than ever before—73 million youth are unemployed globally, and in the next 20 years, there will be at least 600 million more young people looking for work than projected jobs. Simultaneously, one in three employers say they are looking for entrepreneurial experience in their potential hires. Learning the entrepreneurial mindset is essential for a thriving future where youth are empowered to recognize their own potential and act as engaged global citizens. NFTE students, who learn the entrepreneurial mindset in our program, go on to approach the future with a new vigor, demonstrating increased comfort with risk, increased problem solving ability, increased interpersonal capabilities, and increased confidence in their ability to launch their own ventures.