Denton Malcolm, also known as “Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor,” took NFTE at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School in 1994.  Of his schools days, Denton remembers, “Life was great. I was the president and captain of all the major organizations at school—I just wanted to know how to market myself as an artist.” So Denton enrolled in a NFTE course, to learn just that.

In class, Denton started Rude Kid Productions, a retail company selling apparel and accessories. “With Rude Kid Productions, the biggest challenge was start up capital. I received seed capital from NFTE.” Denton went on to graduate from Southeastern University with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship, on a scholarship he won from NFTE.

“The entrepreneurial mindset has affected the way I approach business. I approach business with confidence in the network I’ve gained from corporate America, the ‘buy low/sell high’ motto, creative strategic alliance, assurance in public speaking and presentation, and belief in self management.”

Denton’s current venture, D.A.M. Companies, LLC, currently has over 70 employees and is in the process of relaunching online. D.A.M Companies, LLC owns over 10 portfolio companies including but not limited to CSC, VU, LLC ,V.U.P, RKP and his record label, RKELG (Rude Kid Entertainment Label Group). They aregetting the word locally and internationally via digital online marketing and distribution. His songs “Lordy, Lordy” and “I Shot the Sheriff & the Deputy,” have been playing on radio stations in 22 countries, for over 45 weeks. Denton has also gained publicity through Inc. Magazine, video with Ben & Jerry’s, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the Washington Informer, among others.

Down the road, Denton sees himself “rich and famous, musically and entrepreneurially.” He hopes to have an office building for D.A.M Companies, LLC, and locations for it’s portfolio of companies and their respective subsidiaries. He would like to see all of the companies he owns, develops and publicizes via D.A.M Companies, LLC, up and running profitably. 

Professionally, says Denton, “A healthy businessman is a wealthy businessman. Wealth is the entrepreneurial goal, however great health is necessary…stay focused on the goals, and at the end of the day, be sure to achieve what your goal is.”