An Incredible Entrepreneur-trip

June 8, 2010  |  1 comment
Meet the team

We at NFTE are constantly impressed by our young entrepreneurs and their vivacious drive to succeed, but it is particularly moving when we find others joining our cause.  Meet our adventurous new friends: Andrew Fu, Mike Yehle, and Kai Zeng. These MBA students biked from North Carolina to New York, on a mission to raise money for NFTE!

“Biking over 700 miles from the University of North Carolina to the NFTE headquarters in New York City was a truly sensational experience.  What touched us most was meeting passionate people that have dedicated their lives to empowering underprivileged youth.  We were fortunate to meet with students and staff in Washington D.C. and Baltimore as well as meeting Founder Steve Mariotti and the senior management in NYC.  During an in-class visit in Baltimore, we saw firsthand how NFTE helps urban youth make the connection between academic success and life success.  We realized that MBA students can have a tremendous impact on several facets of the NFTE organization.

Biking from DC to Baltimore to meet some NFTE alumni & students

We also appreciated the generous spirit of people we met along the way.  Everyday, perfect strangers offered to help us in our quest: some offered lodging for the night, others offered biking gear and equipment, a few gave us a meal.  This spirit of support was critical. Without the emotional support, the trip would have been exponentially tougher.

We would like to thank all of those who supported us during our ride and all of those who support the wonderful work that NTFE does.  We hope this ride is the beginning of a great relationship between UNC MBAs and NFTE.”

To see how their whole journey unfolded, visit their blog here.

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