Anthony, a NFTE Chicago alum, shares his story

January 7, 2014  |  69 comments

By Anthony Halmon
Freshman, Cornell University
Founder of Thermofier

My experience with NFTE has been tremendous. NFTE is more than an organization that provides students the opportunity to become great innovators, but NFTE is also like a second home. The mentors and support that NFTE offers provides students with comfort, nurturing, guidance, wisdom, and a great foundation of opportunity.

Because of NFTE, I have been to the White House and met President Obama, I have been interviewed for news blogs, I have had a live interview with Melissa Harris-Perry and have even been on PBS kids.

Because of NFTE, I have learned to be humble and overcome circumstances that I have faced since being involved. There is nothing but opportunities that NFTE offers. All it takes is dedication and perseverance, and NFTE will meet you half the way.

I am currently a freshman at Cornell University. My first semester in college was tough. I was challenged mentally and thought I wasn't able to compare with others. Most of my classes were tough, and I didn't know how I was going to make it through. After talking with my pastor, and talking with my professor, I've realized that my biggest competition was myself. The moment I decided to stop complaining and crying, and got up on my two feet to move forward, I started performing much better. I made it through with a 2.5. Though many may not think that's good, I am proud that I tried my best.

If I had to give anyone words of wisdom, I'd say that maybe the road is hard, maybe you can't make it through, maybe you are not worthy enough, or can't succeed, or maybe you are just making excuses. Your life is determined by the choices YOU make. If you choose to do better, than you will do better. Speak life into your situations, and continue to go for greater.

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