Back to School: Managing the College Process

September 8, 2010  |  1 comment

In honor of the new school year, we’re dedicating a series of posts to the questions of education.

First up – you might have just set foot in high school for the first time this month, but it’s already time to look forward and start planning your next steps. In this case, that means college.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you are sitting on top of a pile of college applications and scholarship research, deciding on which major to pick, and overall, simply dealing with a major life transition. So, it’s always worth taking the time to remind yourself of the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • You will make important friends and contacts –You’re widening your circle forging friendships that will serve you throughout the rest of your life. Contacts such as your business professor will come in handy as well – they didn’t become a business professor for nothing.
  • You will gain a depth of knowledge – More important than what you’re thinking about in college is HOW you’re thinking. This is the time when you develop the analytical skills that will help you make tough decisions in the future (for your business and yourself).
  • College is an points to a US Census Bureau study stating that those with a college degree make about $0.9 million more over their lifetime than those without. (That number rises to $1.3 million with a master’s degree). Think of college as an investment in yourself.
  • The time commitment is worth it – This falls into the investment category as well. Sacrifice the earnings you could be making out of high schools for the reward of getting an education.
  • There is no such thing as a non-relevant course – College is a time where you can explore personal interests beyond your professional focus. By taking elective courses that you find interesting, you won’t get burned out on your focus, and who knows? You might find something new and fall in love. Art History might not make you a better businessperson, but it will make you a more interesting one.
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