Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

January 7, 2011  |  2 comments

Attention all NFTE teachers, alumni, students, and entrepreneurs! Steve Mariotti, the founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, has just co-written another book about entrepreneurship with Dr. Caroline Glackin.  This award-winning team’s new book is called Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. In this book theypresent difficult economic, financial and business concepts in a manner easily understood by a variety of students. Based on a proven curriculum from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, it is organized to follow the life-cycle of an entrepreneurial venture—from concept through implementation to harvesting to replication. Filled with examples from a broad range of careers, it moves further into the entrepreneurial process—discussing the business plan and also the details of managing and growing a small business.

For information on how you can buy a copy of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management be sure to visit the Pearson website.

Also check out this great interview with Steve Mariotti where he discusses the new book.

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Contratulations on your new

Contratulations on your new book, Steve!
I teach and consult on entrepreneurship an strategies for many years-internationally, and in Canada: especially related to arts, culture and entertainment sector, but not limited to that.
I believe that the general concepts of entrepreneurship have diverse applications and modifications - based on the specific field: there is no a *universal* guidance, nor a *model*...It is indeed an exciting field, because of diversity and creativity...
Anyway if you visit Montreal, let me know: it would be great to meet personally.

All my best wishes for a prosperous and healthy 2011!

Lidia Varbanova

WOW! Very informative post

WOW! Very informative post with video..I like this.

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