Learning from Business Failure

February 21, 2012  |  51 comments

We all fail, and that’s How Failure Can be a Happy Blessing, says the Young Entrepreneur Council’s Robert Sofia. He suffered through several business failures but remained focused on his goal of entrepreneurial success.

There’s nothing wrong with failure. Robert says he used failure as a learning process. “Failure presents the perfect opportunity to realign priorities and establish clear direction.” In his view, when entrepreneurs reach the point of failure they’ve actually surpassed the competition, because the competition isn’t actually extending themselves.

Certainly, failure isn’t viable as a long-term business model. To navigate the start-up process and even longer term issues, there’s now Business USA.  It’s a new government website, currently in beta, that offers advice for entrepreneurs on starting a business, growing a business and even state-by-state breakdowns of available resources.

Robert found the right mix and achieved success. After six months his business was debt free and by 12 months was on target for seven-figure annual earnings. Now he is a recognized young entrepreneur and public speaker.

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