New Rules for the New (School) Year

September 13, 2010  |  3 comments

Everyone uses a new calendar year to set new goals for themselves – lose weight, read more, do something new! You should use the school year as an opportunity to do the same.

In these first few weeks, reflect on those school-related issues that you want to address: Where have you excelled in the past? What do you definitely need to work on? And, how will you avoid the pitfalls that tripped you up before?

Under-30 CEO came up with a guide to “Rules for the New Year,” which we think you’ll find helpful when outlining this school year’s goals. Here are some tips of our very own:

  • When starting your resolution list, include everything you can think of. After you’re satisfied, go back through and decide on 5-10 goals to which you can really commit.
  • Talk to your friends, people in your study groups, mentors and professors. If they figure into your resolutions, let them know so they can keep you accountable (and help you along!)
  • You’re not out of the woods yet. Find a way to track your progress, reward yourself and get back on track.
  • If you find that you’re falling short of a goal, think about how you can adjust your resolutions to meet your true goal.
  • Is your school on the quarter system? Trimester? Semester? Use these and other benchmarks (major tests, vacations, etc.) to evaluate how far you’ve come, and what you can achieve next.
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