NFTE International Spotlight: Jyotika’s Story

September 30, 2013  |  8 comments

When Jyotika Parmar attended the I Create Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop (AEW) in 2003, she was newly married. Jyotika always wanted to make something of her life and AEW gave her that opportunity and the tools to do it.

I Create has been NFTE´s partner since 1999. I Create serves 15 areas in India, and has reached almost 2000 youth under its program for school and college students in 2012. Just like most of our NFTE International partners, I Create serves a diverse population. I Create not only reaches out to youth with entrepreneurship, but they believe that “when you empower a woman, you empower her entire future generations.” It is the reason why they created the Women´s Economic Empowerment through entrepreneurship program, which has created 2,500 grassroots entrepreneurs.

In the Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop, teachers train participants to create a business plan individually or in teams. Then, a month or so after the workshop, the trainers do a follow-up session so they can reinforce the concepts and provide support for their businesses. The methodology they use to teach these workshops is based on the NFTE curriculum.

After the AEW, Jyotika decided to start her own business -- a beauty parlor. Jyotika had big dreams for herself and her husband Vijay, but he wanted to stay in their village and become a farm laborer.

Against the wishes of her in-laws, Jyotika went to Baroda, the third largest and most populated city in the Indian State of Gujarat, and lived there by herself. She later asked her husband to come and join her. He agreed and moved to Baroda. Once there, she found him a job in a security firm while she herself continued with her beauty parlor business.

Jyotika’s interest in the security business started growing as she saw great opportunity there. She learned as much as she could about the security business and motivated her husband to start a security business of their own which she helped run. Their security business is now doing so well that they have 60 employees. Jyotika and Vijay have even bought a bomb sniffing dog which they rent out to different organizations.

Now, Jyotika’s dream is to serve her community by motivating women there to become entrepreneurs. The tools she learned from the NFTE-based AEW curriculum helped her become economically independent and changed her life. Jyotika now wants to share her knowledge with women like her. Thank You Jyotika for being a role model in your community!

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