Smooth(ie) Operator

November 12, 2010  |  0 comments

Helen Roldan
Smoothie Run
Age: 16
Miami, Florida

Through the NFTE program, I created a business plan which is centered on catering smoothies. My business is called Smoothie Run and I came up with the idea of smoothie catering when I noticed people in my school drinking large amounts of caffeinated drinks. I noticed that these drinks were having major negative effects on their bodies, and once the drink was out of their system they would crash. This is an extremely dangerous situation because these individuals were becoming dependent on caffeine, and it was happening at young ages. Through seeing this I began to think about the different alternatives that people could be drinking instead and that’s how I came up with making smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to energize a person as well as fill up their bodies with something that’s good for them.

At the moment, I hope to start catering at small events to get the word out about my business. Currently I’m networking through Facebook and other mediums to help promote my product. Once I’ve created enough positive responses from individuals and through the places I cater, I’d like to begin an advertisement campaign that will help bring my business to new levels.

The NFTE program has really helped me realize my potential in the business world. I never would have thought that I had a knack for business or entrepreneurship and now I have the confidence that will guide me through all my business endeavors. With the help of the business plan that NFTE equipped me with, as well as all the information given to my teacher that she later shared with my class, I gained a plethora of knowledge and experience in business. These were experiences that I will never forget, and will help me with my company and career.

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