USC Students Partner with NFTE Greater Los Angeles For New Venture Competition

November 8, 2013  |  8 comments

By Samantha Fabiano, USC student and USC Ziftit Team Captain 

As a current entrepreneurship student at the University of Southern California (USC) I strongly agree with NFTE’s belief that an entrepreneurship education is fundamental for all youth to better shape and prepare them for the future.

USC’s Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies teaches its students about the importance of giving back. One way of doing so is through the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship. It was during one of my entrepreneurship courses at USC that I first learned about NFTE Greater Los Angeles. My professor assigned us a project to create a business plan that would earn a profit in just three days. At the end of the assignment, 100% of the money we made was donated to NFTE. My team alone was able to raise $1,300, which all went directly to NFTE’s youth entrepreneurship program. Since July 2013 the Greif Center has raised over $11,000 for NFTE.

After seeing how impactful our work has been, I wanted to continue my relationship with NFTE. Recently I formed a team with three other USC seniors to represent our school and compete against other students from various colleges across the country. We are marketing a new venture called Ziftit, a website based on simplifying the gift-giving and gift-receiving process.

When I was approached to enter this challenge for Ziftit, I knew that NFTE would be the perfect cause to partner with. The Greif Center has not only taught me about the importance of giving back, but it has also taught me that in order to be successful you must add your own “secret sauce” to the plan. Think of something that your competitors won’t have.  I figured that most of my competitors would not select a non-profit to donate their earnings to, so I thought why not work with a program that supports young entrepreneurs?

In order to win this collegiate challenge and give NFTE the support they deserve, my team must acquire the most active premium accounts based off the specific program code “FIGHTON14.”

So, as the Holiday session grows nearer and your family and friends begin to ask you what’s on your wish list, think Ziftit. Not only is Ziftit the ultimate shopping, gifting, and registry tool, but it’s easy to use! Begin by creating a Ziftit list of items you like by adding them to your personalized Ziftit boards. Then, share your lists on Facebook, Twitter, or email.  When family and friends visit your Zift List, they’ll be able to buy the gifts you want; or pitch in on gifts to split the cost with others. 

An example of the different types of Ziftit boards users can create and personalize

Please sign up now and help support the USC Team and most importantly, The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

The registration process is easy. Just follow these steps:

1.      Visit and click the orange “sign up” button
2.      Enter the program code FIGHTON14 (in all caps)
3.      Confirm your email account is correct and log back in
4.      Finally, click "upgrade" to create a Premium Account
5.      You're all done and ready to start Zifting!

Learn more about Ziftit here!    

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