Laima Tazmin had a passion for computers from the first time she received her own laptop at age seven. Born to Russian and Cuban parents, Laima lived in both Russia and Cuba until the age of seven, when she immigrated to the United States. At age 11, Laima took Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship’s business class at Mott Hall Middle School. Through the class, she created a business plan that focused on computer training and web design, which won first place in not only her classroom competition, but in the regional business plan competition as well.

Although her class ended, her love of computers and interest in entrepreneurship did not. She continued to run the web design e-store she had created in 2001, experimenting with selling pre-designed websites and templates. The next year, she expanded to include customized, interactive and community-driven sites, demonstrating her keen understanding of the various ways that people interact on the web.

After graduating high school, Laima continued to follow her passion for technology to Columbia University, where she enrolled in The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, majoring in Computer Science. While she continued to run LAVT into her freshman year, Laima decided to focus her time on her busy class schedule and extra-curricular activies, and let her brother continue work with her clients. During her freshman and sophomore years, Laima held the position of Technology Director of the Engineering Student Council.

Throughout her college career, Laima held many internships. “I wanted to work as an intern for a few reasons- to build my technology skills, gain real world experience and to stay in the entrepreneurial mindset,” she explained. Junior year, Laima interned in California as a Program Manager Intern at Microsoft and worked on the team that developed the back end of Hotmail.

After graduating from Columbia in 2011, Laima went to work for a NYC mobile technology start-up, DOTGO. After working at DOTGO for about a year, she decided it was time to go back to her entrepreneurial roots. Laima is currently working on creating a technology start-up, putting her NFTE training to good use.