Jordan Anderson describes his life before NFTE as pretty laid back, acknowledging that, like many teenagers, he lacked “drive.”  When the opportunity to take the course presented itself, he thought it would be something easy he could just fly through and be done with.

“I was way off,” Jordan admits. Even so, his biggest challenge, at first, was to actually care.  “Business was so natural to me already, I found myself saying that I could do just enough to get by.  But I found myself putting in a little more work than before and then wanting to destroy the competition.”

Although Jordan was motivated initially by the need for cash to buy a new pair of shoes he wanted, his eco-friendly weed control and lawn care business quickly evolved into a responsibility he took very seriously.  He finds that his customers are very receptive to him and his business, simply because, as he puts it, “I am going against the stereotypical actions of people of my age.”

Keeping Weeds&&More going while juggling the heavy course load of junior year has been a challenge, but Jordan has simply expanded his workforce.  He tries to tap into the younger generation, and guide them towards something productive and positive.  Jordan intends to take a child under his wing, training him or her to take over the business while he’s in college majoring in psychology, with a minor in business and journalism. “I want my business to be a beacon of hope for people who feel that drugs and violence are the only way,” he declares.

Being a business owner has awakened in Jordan a fervent desire to better himself and his community, and once a month, he mows lawns for free, mostly for the elderly. Jordan’s appraisal of himself is both honest and inspiring: “I am a regular teenager, from a regular place, with regular abilities, but I have extraordinary dreams and responsibilities.  Is it hard?  Yes, but every person’s life I better makes it all the more worth it.”

"I want my business to be a beacon of hope for people who feel that drugs and violence are the only way."