Winter 2019: NFTE Entrepreneurship Pathway Updates

The first cohort of NFTE classrooms using our newly released Entrepreneurship 1 (E1) curriculum wrapped up the first semester of the 2018-19 school year by putting their potential businesses to the test. E1 students across the country spent the past two months testing and improving their potential business solutions, seeking to find their unfair advantage over competitors. Now they’re ready to kick off the second half the year and gearing up for a busy spring competition season!

NFTE students in advanced Entrepreneurship 2 (E2) classes, meanwhile, have been putting together their strategic business models, building their social media ecosystems, and in many cases even launching ecommerce platforms to support their operations. Now in its second year and generally available to most NFTE schools, the E2 curriculum continues to grow in popularity and offers an exciting pre-incubator environment where more experienced students can really hone their startup skills. Many of these advanced students are looking forward to being able to test for Certiport ESB (Entrepreneurship and Smalll Business) Certification in the spring.

News From the Field: Cohort Calls, Upcoming Assessments & Pilot Monitoring

The NFTE Pilot continues to host monthly E1 cohort calls that will allow teachers to be able to collaborate and share best practices with each other in real-time. Both the November and December calls were well-received with many teachers in the pilot participating. Topics have included supporting teachers as they shift from linear business plans to having students pivot ideas on their lean canvas. The pilot team also uses these cohort calls to gather feedback around teacher planning support materials and test models in real-time.

The are several planned touchpoints to measure the effectiveness of the new E1 course. At the beginning of the year, E1 students completed a diagnostic assessment on entrepreneurship content and took the Entrepreneurial Mindset Index (EMI) Pre-Survey. E1 students will soon take the new mid-year assessment on entrepreneurship content, which will allow the E1 pilot team to measure how effective the course has been in terms of content knowledge growth so far. Then final post-assessments will be given at the conclusion of the course.

Over the past several months there have also been a number of efforts to collect feedback from the field on how the courses are going. Both students and teachers completed surveys while the NFTE Pilot team engaged in classroom visits to see first-hand how the courses were being implemented in different classrooms. Data from the assessments, surveys, and site visits will be analyzed to help make decisions on course refinements for the 2019-20 school year.