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Dagim’s Story

Seeking the American Dream, powered by the entrepreneurial mindset.

  • NFTE helped Dagim see himself as a leader and learn the skills that drove his first business venture.
  • As a teen he created, an online platform for the sports industry, and built a user base of thousands.
  • He went on to study at Babson College, the premier entrepreneurship college in the U.S., where he developed VenturHub, an online platform for entrepreneurs starting small businesses.
  • NFTE helped him obtain coveted internships at EY and Goldman Sachs, where he now works full time.

Dagim was a quiet student at the outset of his journey with NFTE. His family had recently immigrated from Ethiopia and faced challenges on arriving in the U.S. However, the NFTE class he took would bring him out of his shell and allow him to see himself in a new light: as a leader. Inspired by the NFTE class he took as a junior at his D.C. high school in 2013, Dagim created an online platform to connect young sports fans, allowing them to post comments in real time. His app,, attracted thousands of users. In order to successfully launch his business, he raised money through ad revenue.

Through NFTE Dagim learned networking skills—skills he would put to good use to attract peers and high-level contacts to drive his app to be used in professional sports. Dagim credits his confidence, leadership and communication skills to the NFTE class he took in high school and the teachers and the mentors that supported him on his journey to success.

Dagim not only developed the entrepreneurial mindset and seized control of his own future, but he wanted to help others do the same. He went on to study Entrepreneurship and Computer Science at Babson College, the premier college for Entrepreneurship in the U.S., and while at Babson he built another online community platform called VenturHub, which connects entrepreneurs and helps them jumpstart small businesses of their own. While pursuing his degree, Dagim was able to land two important internships through NFTE: one with EY and other with Goldman Sachs, where he now works full time.

Dagim believes his attitude today, which is defined by self-confidence and self-reliance, is the direct result of his NFTE experience. In fact, the whole skillset NFTE helped him develop—including opportunity recognition, initiative and self-reliance, communication and collaboration—have proven enormously useful to him in his role at Goldman. His own experience has made him an ardent advocate for NFTE entrepreneurship education.

“NFTE empowered me. It provides you with opportunities and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. It helps you to understand more about yourself and discover skills that you were unaware of. ” — Dagim Girma

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