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NFTE Capital Region

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) is a global non-profit that supports students in underserved communities by helping them build entrepreneurship and career skills. We train teachers and service providers to utilize our award-winning curriculum that sets students up for post-secondary success. The NFTE Capital Region, which includes Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., has served over 35,000 students since its inception in 2004.


For sponsorship inquiries, contact Meg Stewart, Executive Director, Capital Region.

Message from our Executive Director

As a DMV native who has worked with hundreds of students across the region, Meg is passionate about ensuring local youth have the skills and opportunities they need to become thriving adults. By spreading NFTE programs in schools and community-based organizations, NFTE builds a diverse pipeline of business leaders who will shape the future of the region. Meg welcomes the opportunity to talk about how to bring NFTE to your students and how you can support programs in the Capital Region.


Check out our talented alumni

Mary Blackford

Mary Blackford is the founder of Market 7, a hub for black owned businesses to come together and collectively work to dismantle the “food apartheid” or food deserts facing Wards 7 and 8. Mary is a NFTE alumni from DC public schools. Of her time in NFTE she says “I loved every part of it! I loved meeting new people and all the opportunities to meet other students who were just as passionate about entrepreneurship as I was. It was such a great experience, and it really took me beyond!”

Andre McCain

Andre McCain is the owner of HalfSmoke in Northwest Washington D.C., a restaurant devoted to the celebration of one of DC’s native foods. His goal in starting this restaurant was to bring one of his favorite childhood memories to a wider audience, while also expanding on the idea of emerging his patrons in a fun, unique experience. Since its inception, HalfSmoke has opened a second location in Baltimore, MD, and was just recently awarded a city grant that will support the opening of 2 additional locations.

Brian Sessions

Brian Sessions is the CEO & Founder of the Roc Enrichment program in Baltimore City. He designed his program in an effort to close the gap between education and entertainment as a means of turning a desire for temporary entertainment into a lifetime skill that gives students more access to exploring their passions. His philosophy is that the program “exists to enrich the academic, social, and artistic well being of generations in order to create wholesome leaders in an academically, socially, and artistically driven world.”

Capital Region Advisory Board

Matt Aaron, CFP

Founding Partner
LUX Wealth Planning

Anthony Calderazzi

Partner, Assurance Services - Technology

Stephen Canaras

Partner, Assurance Services

Keith James

Managing Partner
Coalition Properties Group