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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Preparing Our Next Generation For The Future Of Work




A new book by award-winning author Kyle Garman

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset by Kyle Garman

What kind of mindset is needed to thrive in a future being transformed by exponentially advancing technology and threats ranging from COVID-19 to climate change? Answer: The Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Many proclaim that STEM education is the best preparation for the 21st century economy. But STEM is not enough. To flourish in the future of work, the 8 domains of the Entrepreneurial Mindset are essential. And the best way for young people to build this mindset is through project-based entrepreneurship education.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset explores the intersection between the future of work and education. Readers will be inspired by real-life stories and in-depth research on how―and why―project-based entrepreneurship education changes the trajectories of students’ lives. Young people, parents, educators, students, entrepreneurs, investors, business and public sector leaders, school board members and administrators, researchers, and everyone interested in preparing our next generation for the future of work will benefit from this book.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset draws upon learning methods and case studies from the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a nonprofit organization based in New York City that has reached over 1 million students. All proceeds from the book go directly to NFTE to support its mission.

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“The world is changing at a pace unlike anything we have witnessed in human history. What kind of mindset is needed to thrive in the 21st century? How can this mindset be developed? Kyle’s book provides profound answers to these questions. I urge everyone to read it.”
Diana Davis Spencer, Executive Chairman, Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

We are seeing a realignment of the sorts of competencies and educational experiences that are most valuable for the future of work. The Entrepreneurial Mindset is full of insights about why‒and how‒education must adapt accordingly.
Peter Walker, Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Co. and Author of Powerful Different Equal

“Kyle and I are both dreamers with a deep belief in the power of customer-driven innovation. As a former teenage entrepreneur, I’m thrilled that Kyle wrote The Entrepreneurial Mindset and encourage everyone to read it.”
Bill McDermott, CEO, ServiceNow and Author of Winners Dream

Kyle and I share a passion for igniting the Entrepreneurial Mindset in young people because we see first-hand how entrepreneurship education changes the trajectories of their lives. Kyle’s book is an important resource for everyone looking to prepare for the future of work.
Ajay Agarwal, Partner, Bain Capital Ventures and National Board Chair, BUILD.Org

I never imagined that my journey as an entrepreneur would lead to becoming Chief Transformation Officer of the United States Air Force. But technology is advancing exponentially, and entrepreneurial thinking is therefore essential across every domain of the private and public sector, including the defense of our nation. Kyle’s book provides the formula for developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset early and often. I recommend it for everyone.
Lauren Knausenberger, Chief Transformation Officer, United States Air Force

I wasn’t a natural-born entrepreneur myself but learned I could change my mindset and go about acquiring the skills needed to be successful as an entrepreneur. I love that The Entrepreneurial Mindset breaks it down into 8 domains that can be learned, measured, and improved through project-based entrepreneurship education.
David Blake, Founding CEO, Degreed and Managing Partner, Future of Work Studios

After 25 years in teaching, I embraced project-based entrepreneurship education because I wanted to help students build the mindset they need for the future. This required that I modify my teaching method to be more of a ‘Guide on the Side’ than a ‘Sage on Stage’. The results have been life-changing for my students. Kyle’s book is a must-read.
Sandra Cruz, Youth Entrepreneurship Educator, Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School in Queens, NY

A masterpiece for the 21st century.
Steve Mariotti, Founder, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

At EY, we know entrepreneurial thinkers are key to building a better working world which is why we evaluate the mindset when we hire. Kyle’s book makes a compelling case for why project-based entrepreneurship education is vital to enable the next generation to develop this mindset.
Mike Kacsmar, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Today’s‒and tomorrow’s‒leaders must have a mindset geared for continuous innovation and constant re-invention. Kyle’s book shows young learners how to build the Entrepreneurial Mindset now to prepare for the 21st century economy.
Rebecca Zucker, Founding Partner at Next Step Partners and Harvard Business Review Contributor

Kyle and I share a belief that bringing mentors from the business world together with students through project-based entrepreneurship education is a critical aspect of equipping young people for the 21st century. I encourage everyone looking to help our next generation develop the mindset required for the future of work to read this book.
Patty Alper, Author of Teach to Work: How a Mentor, A Mentee and a Project Can Close The Skills Gap in America

Project-based entrepreneurship education empowers young people with the skills and experience to broaden their worldview and their belief in what’s possible. I experienced this first-hand growing up, and I’m a firm believer that this is a terrific investment in the success of the next generation as Kyle’s book demonstrates.
Ryan Williams, Founder & CEO, Cadre

“The Entrepreneurial Mindset is more than a book. It’s a blueprint for change that schools can adopt now to prepare young learners for the 21st century. I strongly recommend Kyle’s book for everyone involved at the intersection of education and the future of work.
Matt Greenfield, Managing Partner, Re-Think Education

The beauty of teaching project-based entrepreneurship is that it’s never about me. It’s about pushing my students to discover their interests and then using my experience to coach them through the process of turning that into a solution that has real value. Kyle’s book illustrates how powerful this is.
Ray Parris, Youth Entrepreneurship Educator and Department Head of Digital Media and Entrepreneurship at Hialeah Miami-Lakes Senior High School in Hialeah, FL

A pioneering prescription for developing young innovators for the 21st century.
Dan Mindus, Founder & Managing Partner, NextGen Venture Partners

Following a 20-year career in business, I began searching for the best way to give back to the next generation. I found it through project-based entrepreneurship education. Kyle’s book demonstrates how empowering it is when students develop the Entrepreneurial Mindset before reaching adulthood. I urge you to read it.
Angela Miceli, Youth Entrepreneurship Educator, Holy Trinity High School in Chicago, IL

“The Entrepreneurial Mindset brings to light the value of entrepreneurship as a required learning experience to prepare students for the world. I know first-hand, because I was a teenager whose life was changed by the simple act of learning how to create a business. Project-based entrepreneurship is a game changer, particularly for the most under-served students. Here’s hoping that Kyle’s book starts a movement.
Kimberly Smith, Executive Director of the League of Innovative Schools, Digital Promise

One of the key ingredients for enabling young people to transition into a career they enjoy is empowering them to pursue their interests early on. Project-based entrepreneurship education is a fantastic way to do that. The Entrepreneurial Mindset provides the playbook.
Pete Wheelan, CEO at InsideTrack and Executive Chairman at Roadtrip Nation

“The Entrepreneurial Mindset is a must-read for anyone interested in education.
Kevin Capitani, Former President, Pearson North America and National Board Director, Reading Partners

Project-based entrepreneurship in schools is an idea whose time has come, as The Entrepreneurial Mindset showcases. As a component of learning, it has much to offer young learners preparing for their future.
Michael Horn, Author of Choosing College and Co-Founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute

I applaud Kyle for assembling such a powerful and inclusive collection of voices around one of the most urgent imperatives of the 21st century‒how do we prepare young people for the future of work? The Entrepreneurial Mindset shows us how.”
Rahim Fazal, Co-Founder & CEO, SVAcademy

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