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NFTE offers a wide range of programs designed to be engaging and flexible online or in person. We offer programs for middle school and high school students in classrooms or camp environments and have also adapted our award-winning curriculum in an online program for adult learners.

Pathway Programs

Designed for in-school, distance learning, and hybrid instructional models

A flexible/modular curriculum based on NFTE’s year-long Entrepreneurship 1 course but adapted for semester or infused courses. Students use lean startup methodologies to develop and test business ideas. Students are eligible to enter our Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.
Curriculum can be infused in existing courses or offered as an 80-hour course on its own.

Entrepreneurship Essentials

A unique classroom program that blends entrepreneurship and app development through the creation of a business plan as students learn how to build a marketable product. Students are eligible to pitch their app-based business ideas in an expo format for seed capital and prizes. Designed as a full-year course, no prerequisites.

Startup Tech

A foundational course focused on activating the entrepreneurial mindset as students learn how to create an original lean business model plan and pitch their business. Students are eligible to enter our Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, where NFTE students compete for seed capital to launch their business or pursue educational goals.
Full-year course implementation, no prerequisites.

Entrepreneurship 1

Entrepreneurship basics in a summer intensive/day camp format.
Taught by NFTE educators and supported by NFTE staff/volunteers. 60-80 hours of instruction and enrichment such as field trips and guest speakers. Available in major metro areas.

NFTE BizCamp™

An advanced course focused on business model validation, product development, and marketing. Students completing E2 are prepared to take the Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) certification exam, one of the offerings in Pearson’s Certiport® Business Fundamentals Certification Program. Students are eligible to enter an investment panel and compete for seed capital to operationalize their business.
Full-year course implementation, prerequisite: Entrepreneurship 1.

Entrepreneurship 2

Advanced entrepreneurship experience where students deepen the development of their entrepreneurial mindset while refining their business models, developing their products or services, and mastering marketing and management skills.
Six-week summer program, prerequisite: Entrepreneurship Essentials, Entrepreneurship 1, or BizCamp

NFTE Startup Summer

Awareness Programs

Designed for in-school or out-of-school (including distance learning) instruction

A global online entrepreneurship experience that challenges students to brainstorm innovative solutions to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Can be completed in 5-10 hours, and while designed to be a fully online experience can be easily adapted for use with limited Internet connectivity.

World Series of Innovation

An online entrepreneurship experience that guides students through the process of building their own virtual business using a food truck scenario.
Can be completed in 1-2 hours, requires Internet connectivity.


Enterprise Programs

Designed for self-paced or hybrid digital instructional models.

A foundational course that activates students’ entrepreneurial mindset and teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Students are guided through the selection of an original business opportunity—and the core principles and knowledge essential to starting and running that business—while preparing for Certiport’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) certification exam.
Flexible implementation; 30-40 hours of instruction.

ESB Prep

Learn entrepreneurship essentials and discover and cultivate the set of skills NFTE calls the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Programs designed to help young adults just launching careers and older adults who may be looking to restart their careers.
Self-paced online courses and related programming.

Start It Up!

Interested in bringing a NFTE program to your community? Let’s talk!

Contact Jason Delgatto, Vice President of Curriculum & Research if you have questions about the NFTE approach to project-based learning or our tool for measuring mindset growth, the NFTE Entrepreneurial Mindset Index (EMI). Submit the Contact Us form if you’d like to learn more about bringing a NFTE program to your community.