An Entrepreneurial Education

In recent years, educators have been rethinking the skills students need to be successful. With an eye towards career and college-readiness, many states and school districts are expanding their focus to include important “non-cognitive” skills, like critical thinking and problem solving. The Entrepreneurial Mindset pairs these traditional non-cognitive skills with the quintessentially entrepreneurial skills demanded by today’s innovation economy.



  • of NFTE alumni are either employed or furthering their education.

  • of NFTE alumni are in college or have graduated college.

  • NFTE alumni have started at least one business.

  • NFTE alumni earn 50% more than their peers.

  • "NFTE taught me how to create something from nothing. I learned that I can create my own opportunities and I can be an innovator."

    —Anthony Halmon, NFTE Graduate
  • "Being an entrepreneur has opened doors I never imagined… A dream I started in a NFTE classroom at age 16, I am still fulfilling eight years later."

    —Andrea Dashiell, NFTE Graduate
  • "In anything you HAVE TO THINK like an entrepreneur. Whether for group projects, or opening your own law firm."

    —Nishita Barua, NFTE Graduate

Reports & Whitepapers

As the world leader in youth entrepreneurship education, NFTE has a deep commitment to understanding our own impact and providing knowledge and resources to mobilize a community to create the entrepreneurial generation. See our On Ramp to Opportunity report (December 2017) and our latest whitepaper Measuring Entrepreneurial Mindset in Youth (November 2018).

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