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Students & Alumni

Students just like you started their NFTE journey with no idea where they’d end up. Now they’re successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

Listen to some of their stories

NFTE alumni are college and career-ready, prepared to thrive in the innovation economy

That’s because NFTE makes learning fun and engaging. Students learn relevant, practical skills they can put to use in the real world.

NFTE can be life-changing.
See what recent program alumni say.

I’m still benefiting from that first day when I clicked on that Zoom. It’s so amazing! You make friends for life. You make mentors for life.”

—Amylah Charles, NFTE West

“NFTE propelled me to pursue the goal of becoming the founder and CEO of my own athletics apparel company.  I cannot thank NFTE enough.  This program truly changed my life for the better.”

—Darren Dort, NFTE Mid-Atlantic

We owe NFTE a lot! It ignited something inside of us. We learned how to structure a business and our classroom mentors to this day are still influential people in our lives.”

—Bruce and Glen Proctor, NFTE Capital

Kelsey Johnson Kinky Kaps


Amylah Charles

Darren Dort Choppa Athletics

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Bruce & Glen Proctor

See what you can do with entrepreneurial mindset! 

Here are just a few of the many businesses that have been founded by NFTE alumni.

Olivia Be'Nguyen


Laura Martinelli

Ehfar Films

Dylan Martin

Mill Brook Honey, LLC

Mathew Galvez

Lotta Worldwide

Carlos Feitosa

Shine Soaps

Daniel Blank



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