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Teacher Corps

NFTE’s entrepreneurship education model is taught by a talented corps of educators who work in the schools and community-based organizations we partner with across the U.S. and around the world. All NFTE educators receive robust training and high-quality professional development to deliver our model with fidelity.

“NFTE U” Teacher Training

Becoming a NFTE teacher starts with initial training, where educators learn effective techniques for delivering the NFTE curriculum with fidelity. NFTE U focuses on practices that help teachers understand the entrepreneurial mindset by experiencing course content as a NFTE student. On successful completion, educators become full members of the NFTE Entrepreneurial Teacher Corps, with access to ongoing professional development, recognition and leadership opportunities as well as a host of other support services.

Ongoing Professional Development

Through our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), NFTE creates a culture of continuous improvement and collaborative practice that strengthens teachers’ professional skills and builds teachers’ knowledge of entrepreneurship. PLCs are run by Lead Teachers (LTs) and Master Educators (MEs) — experienced educators who have been delivering the NFTE program with excellent results. NFTE also offers focused webinars, podcasts with industry experts, and on-demand video content for our Teacher Corps.

Competition Support Services

Creating and pitching a business plan to a panel of judges is a cornerstone of a NFTE student’s entrepreneurial journey. Students are encouraged to compete in classroom competitions, and NFTE runs regional- and national-level competitions to offer students additional opportunities to win funding and recognition. Teachers receive a detailed toolkit for running classroom competitions and get direct support from NFTE staff and volunteers.

Volunteers and Mentors

Engagement with volunteers is another pillar of the NFTE experience, and NFTE devotes substantial resources to recruiting and training volunteers. Our volunteers and mentors partner with teachers to bring real-world experience into the classroom. Entrepreneurs and business professionals volunteer to work with students as business plan coaches, guest speakers, field trip hosts, and competition judges.

“Entrepreneurship isn’t just about owning your own business. It’s about seeing the world in a different way. Getting students to think a different way, changing their mindset . . . that’s life-changing. It gives them a different pathway and lets them know there is something out there for them.”

—Marjorie Mitchell, NFTE North Texas Teacher

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